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Apalachicola, FL

We decided to check out the nearby town of Apalachicola, which is known for it’s oysters! We started at the pier where we spent half an hour watching the dolphins play in the river. They seemed like free spirits as they frolicked with each other and swam round and round the boats that passed them. The pier was amazing and looked to be brand new. We were intrigued by a two story houseboat tethered to an adjoining dock. It was complete with planters filled flowering plants on it’s deck.

Next we headed to the historic marina and oyster processing markets that lined the street which followed the river bank. What a great little find this was. There were several buildings along the river advertising their oysters and other seafood as well as a quaint antique and gift shop, called The Tin Shed, that had the most wonderful collection of marine stuff both old and new, huge chunks of drift wood that were natural sculptures, colored glass buoys, anchors, carved wooden birds, shells and every other possible decorative marine item. We found a great brass beer opener for the wall of our RV, because after all, what’s an RV without a wall mounted beer opener!

As we walked around this historic village it was clear that this community is determined to bring life back to this Gulf treasure. Almost every building was either refurbished, in the process of being, or torn down. We found a great seafood restaurant right on the marina called “Up the Creek Raw Bar” where we sat on the second floor deck overlooking the marina, watched the oyster boats come in. We ate the best raw oysters we’ve ever had! While we ate, we met yet another couple from Ontario (Bill and Cathy), who were staying in a nearby condo. They were considering purchasing an RV and were interested in our RV travels.