Who We Are

Jerry & Nancy at the Sponge Docks
At the Tarpon Springs, Florida Sponge Docks

Jerry & Nancy are principals in Roaming Productions, LLC. We were high-school sweethearts and natives of Dillon, Montana. In 1980, we moved 256 miles east to Billings, MT. After becoming ’empty nesters’ in 1999, we moved to Rhode Island. This is a very rare occurrence – for someone to move from ‘Big Sky Country’, Montana, the 5th largest state in the nation, to ‘Little Rhody’, the Ocean State and smallest state in the country.

On August 15, 2011, we closed the sale on our home in Rhode Island, and left for parts unknown in our newly acquired 33 foot Forest River Cardinal 5th Wheel RV, and our 2008 fire-engine red Ford F350 1-ton crew-cab twin-turbo 6.4L diesel pickup truck nicknamed ‘Big Red’. With this blog, we will be documenting our travels so far, and keep everyone posted on our future adventures.

Over the years, I adopted the web alias of MT2RI (Montana to Rhode Island). So if you stumble upon something on the World Wide Web tagged with MT2RI, it’s probably mine. After all, how many Montana natives have picked up and moved 2000 miles to a tiny little state in New England?

Some of our sites on the net:

Traveling with us is Cabo, our 11 year old traveling kitty. Cabo, full name Cabo Wabo, was named for Sammy Hagar’s signature Tequila. Cabo (the cat), probably had the biggest adjustment of any of us with our retirement and change of lifestyle.  Cabo roamed free from the first day we got him, and would come and go as he pleased.

Cabo the roaming kitty
Cabo relaxing in his favorite outside chair

Cabo was the king of his domain, in Rhode Island, and was a hunter and fighter in the woods and lake by our home in RI. One thing he does not miss, are the dozens of ticks we had to pull off him on a weekly basis. Rhode Island is situated in the heart of Lyme Disease country, and the deer ticks were everywhere.

We will be writing about our travels and various other subjects on our blog here at http://travel.nettik.com ~ So please come back often to see where our travels take us. Sign-up on the blog home page with your email address, and you’ll get notifications via email.

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  1. Hi – was going to wish you Happy Thanksgiving but forgot your Thanksgiving is at the end of November. We are hoping to head to Florida at the end of November. We have a new addition to our family – little Aberdeen – she was born July 30th to our younger son, Rob, who also has a 2 year old daughter. Well, all for now — enjoy your posts. love Marie & Bob

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