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The Other Boot Drops

The Other Boot Drops – With a THUD!

I’ll first share the drop of the other boot and then go back to some of the good times that we hadn’t shared before this started.

May 7, 2012

Talk about a crazy day! We had quite a time getting to Austin.  We thought we were already to hit the road until we tried to pull in the living room slide, it wouldn’t budge!
My Hero Jerry to the rescue – with his super powers and trusty sidekick Cabo, he was able to determine an electrical connection problem and got it working.  Great we’re on our way at 2:30, hmm not the early start we’d planned, but what the heck, we’re on the move. Continue reading The Other Boot Drops

We’re Back!!!

I want to apologize to those of you who have been following our blog, it has been a long long time since the last post (Boy sounds like confession!), but the other boot has finally dropped.

After almost 9 months of pretty much problem free life, bad luck caught up with us. (Pat, our dear friend from Rhode Island tells me it adds interest, excitement and drama to the story! I can think of more preferable ways!) any way, after 3 weeks of repairs to the RV and me, we’re getting back to sharing our great adventure. I’m feeling well enough now to go back and share some of our “before the boot” stories too.
So, we’re back!!!  Hope you’ll come back often to follow.

Mississippi to Louisiana

Betty’s RV Park – One of a Kind

Time to head “On the Road Again”, but not without a couple of hitches. First Jerry sent me off to town to pick up baby oil. A fellow RV’er suggested coating the front of the 5th wheel with oil to help keep the bugs from sticking to the front of the RV. After seeing hundreds of these black bugs smashed on the front of my white car after driving to the Jazz Fest in New Orleans yesterday, Continue reading Mississippi to Louisiana

Bay St Louis, LA

Hurricane Katrina Comes Ashore

Our next stop was at Bay St. Louis near Waveland, Mississippi. You may remember hearing the name during Hurricane Katrina. Waveland is actually where the eye of the hurricane came on to land. It’s hard to imagine the terror and devastation that took place here in August 2005.


Sunrise red sky and sun
Sunrise at Waveland coast taken by devastated dock

It is now a beautiful calm and peaceful seaside community again, Continue reading Bay St Louis, LA

Cape San Blas

Our camp in Indian Pass is at the ‘end of the road’, literally! So, every once in a while we left to do errands or explore a nearby area.

Well, just when you think you’ve already been to the most beautiful and peaceful places in Florida, you find another one.  Yesterday on our ride back to the RV after driving 18 miles to the nearest post office to mail our tax extension request (anyone who knows the Nettiks is not surprised by this) we saw a sign for Cape San Blas and took a right turn onto a paved road which led down a narrow elbow shaped cape. A paved bicycle trail followed the highway for miles, not ending until we reached the gate to a National Park. We eventually turned off the main road to check out some of the many houses for sale and rent (always having an eye out for a good deal in “paradise”). At the end of the neighborhood we parked the car and walked down to the beach – what met our eyes was miles of white sand beach and hardly another human being in sight. We walked along with the warm Gulf of Mexico lapping at our feet and the brightest blue sky I’d seen in years above us.
Eventually we tore ourselves away from the beach and Back into our car headed toward our home on wheels. However, on the way we decided it was time to check out the Indian Pass Raw Bar and Trading Post that we had heard a lot about. Who can resist a place described as having the best oysters ever and self serve beer! Not us, that’s for sure!
We weren’t disappointed. We started off with a self serve pitcher of beer and a cup of seafood gumbo (delicious), next was the decision of how to have our oysters – raw, steamed or baked – we decided on the baked with topped Parmesan cheese and garlic butter, they were absolutely the best tasting oysters we’ve ever had!
Great way to end another beautiful day!

Indian Pass

A Walk on the Beach

As Jerry and I walked along the miles of beach at Indian Pass, I collected shells and Jerry grabbed his #camera and did some landscape and abstract #photography. We started walking together, but soon Jerry went on ahead looking for just the right bird or wave to photograph and I became completely engrossed in examining the shells washed up on the beach by the morning’s storm.  As I was collecting the “just right” small shells from the sand, an elderly man came down from his house above the beach.  He said that he and his wife had been watching me for some time and thought I must be finding jewels of some sort. I said that I was, I was collecting the jewels of the beach, and that I was planning to make them into jewelry. We had a wonderful conversation where I learned that his wife had been a teacher and he a principal! He had been retired 29 years and had been coming to Indian Pass for the last 11 years.
Next I came across a couple from Atlanta who were walking their dogs, one a beautiful golden retriever and the other a homeless dog that they had rescued from a park near their home in Atlanta.
It is so much fun to meet and hear the stories of the people we are meeting along the way!