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Topaz Labs does it again!

It’s no secret that my favorite plugins for Adobe Photoshop digital image editing comes from a great little company called Topaz Labs. Their plugins include modules to Adjust, B&W Effects, Clarity, Clean, DeJPEG, DeNoise, Detail, InFocus, Lens Effects, ReMask, ReStyle, Star Effects, and my favorite Simplify. Now they have raised the creativity bar with their newest module: Topaz Impression. Impression allows you to turn your photos into art with real brushstrokes – digital brushstrokes, of course. This new module separates Topaz Labs from the other digital filter software makers and gives photographers a new tool for creating their own original masterpieces.

Digital cartooned image of Mann Reservoir

To launch is great product, Topaz Labs are giving away 3 copies of Topaz Impressions – a $99.00 value. Enter here to Win

Fall Colors in the Colorado High Country

Every year summer turns to fall, and in the Rocky Mountains nature turns the mountain scenes into works of art. Autumn has once again come to Colorado, and it’s time for artists to get out the camera, sketch pad, or easel.

My artist tool of choice is my dSLR camera coupled with a laptop and my digital processing tools. With so many spectacular scenic opportunities out there, it’s hard to choose what to shoot next. The first step is to get out into nature, with an empty memory card, charged battery, and a monopod or tripod. Once you find your scene and the light is right, take many, many shots. I work on bracketing exposure and depth of field.

Colorado mountain color scene
Out of camera, sharpened jpeg of a fall scene in the Colorado mountains new South Park, CO.


These RAW shots are then taken back to my processing lab in my RV, and downloaded into my computer. Once images are out of the camera, and into the processing lab, it’s time to review all the bracketed photos and pick the best captures to digitally enhance.

My current style is to apply generous amounts of digital processing to transform my OoC (Out of Camera) images from a realistic photo to an impressionistic colorful simplified image that expresses my inner feelings about the scene I witnessed. For true photography purists this is probably not to their liking, but sorry, it’s my style right now in my digital art journey.

My favorite digital image processing tool of choice right now is Topaz Labs Simplify.

Thanks for reading my blog, and check out some great Fall Images on Fine Art America:
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Photo Gallery & Online Store is Open!

After a long delay, my online gallery and web store is now open at @fineartamerica. ┬áMy artist name is J.Michael Nettik, and I have a unique way of processing my digital images. I call it Digital Impressionism so therefore it’s J.Michael Nettik – Digital Impressionist.

brown thorny thistle impressionistic abstract by J.Michael Nettik

During our year of full-time RV’ing I shot over 14,000 digital images and I continue to process these photographs and create unique one-of-a-kind works of art. I have shots from The Thousand Islands of New York State to the Gulf of Mexico.

Royal terns nagging mates on beach

I have continued to shoot photographs after settling in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. I will be posting new images and growing my gallery in the future. Enjoy, and contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print. I will send you a discount code that can be used at checkout just for visiting my blog. Thanks, and enjoy!

Digital cartooned image of Mann Reservoir

I’m sponsering a page on Fine Art America – Digital Images, there are some amazing artists doing some amazing work!

digital photos