Topaz Labs does it again!

It’s no secret that my favorite plugins for Adobe Photoshop digital image editing comes from a great little company called Topaz Labs. Their plugins include modules to Adjust, B&W Effects, Clarity, Clean, DeJPEG, DeNoise, Detail, InFocus, Lens Effects, ReMask, ReStyle, Star Effects, and my favorite Simplify. Now they have raised the creativity bar with their newest module: Topaz Impression. Impression allows you to turn your photos into art with real brushstrokes – digital brushstrokes, of course. This new module separates Topaz Labs from the other digital filter software makers and gives photographers a new tool for creating their own original masterpieces.

Digital cartooned image of Mann Reservoir

To launch is great product, Topaz Labs are giving away 3 copies of Topaz Impressions – a $99.00 value. Enter here to Win

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