The Other Boot Drops

The Other Boot Drops – With a THUD!

I’ll first share the drop of the other boot and then go back to some of the good times that we hadn’t shared before this started.

May 7, 2012

Talk about a crazy day! We had quite a time getting to Austin.  We thought we were already to hit the road until we tried to pull in the living room slide, it wouldn’t budge!
My Hero Jerry to the rescue – with his super powers and trusty sidekick Cabo, he was able to determine an electrical connection problem and got it working.  Great we’re on our way at 2:30, hmm not the early start we’d planned, but what the heck, we’re on the move.

Not so fast – about 60 miles later, as I’m following behind in Sunni, what’s that I see??? smoke and rubber shooting out the back of the trailer!  Jerry hadn’t even slowed down, so I started trying to reach him on the walkie talkie and the cell phone, that caused him to look in his mirrors where he saw the smoke and pulled over. The tire I had been concerned about during our last move, had blown out! Ripped out the gas lines, punctured the water line and tore out the insulation!

front right tire blowout and damage to trailer

Fortunately we were all safe and nothing was so drastic that we couldn’t still sleep in the trailer. We have Good Sam ERS (emergency roadside service) and after a call to Good Sam and two hours a nice young man came and put on our spare tire for us. Only one slight problem, the spare tire was the wrong size! Luckily it was close enough to get us to Austin. We did find a great little town nearby named Brenham , Texas, where we had a delicious pizza while we waited for roadside assistance to arrive. This little town, with lots of urban redevelopment happening, looks like an interesting little place to visit again under better circumstances.

Now, that should do it for bad luck in one day right? Nope, that’s not all, about half an hour after we got back on the road an awful thunderstorm came up with wind gusts, pouring rain and spectacular sheet and cloud to ground lightning. We had to find a wide place in the road to pull over until the worst of it passed.

Now certainly that’s enough right? Nope, next we got into Austin around 10:00 PM and had to fight crazy traffic and wet roads on I35 while trying to find our RV Park! Jerry is just amazing how he stays calm and winds his way through that crazy traffic pulling a 33’ trailer behind the big crew cab pickup truck! I wasn’t nearly as calm trying following along behind.  At long last after getting separated a couple of times, and a few wrong turns we miraculously ended up at the right RV Park within a couple of minutes of each other. The funny anecdote to finding the RV park, is that Jerry used Google Maps Street View the day before to check out our new park. He joking mentioned that we would be staying next door to the Mega Adult XXX Store. Well the XXX store on I35 had a huge sign, and that’s what we both spotted and helped us find our RV park situated next door.  What a day!!!  Now that certainly must be enough bad luck to balance out nine months of clear sailing.

Nope.  Just try to locate a reputable repair place to fix an RV in Austin. Seems there is only one and he’s booked until August! That’s a lot longer than I want to stay here.  My Hero Jerry saves the day again! He found the parts and fixed it himself. Sure nice to be married to Mr. Fix It!  He ended up with plenty of time to work on it as then final (hopefully) bit of bad luck happened! I wrenched something in my back pulling on my cowboy boot to go out to dinner on Austin’s 6th Street. Thus, the other boot fell!!!

More to come on doctors, immediate care clinics, hospital emergency rooms, acupuncturists, therapeutic massage, eastern holistic medicine, pressure point canes and ??? (still looking for some relief).

Ya happy Pat?

Love ya, really.

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  1. Guess it’s better to have it all at once rather than piecemeal during the whole trip. Although it does seem you were hit rather hard. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the trip.

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