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The Other Boot Drops

The Other Boot Drops – With a THUD!

I’ll first share the drop of the other boot and then go back to some of the good times that we hadn’t shared before this started.

May 7, 2012

Talk about a crazy day! We had quite a time getting to Austin.  We thought we were already to hit the road until we tried to pull in the living room slide, it wouldn’t budge!
My Hero Jerry to the rescue – with his super powers and trusty sidekick Cabo, he was able to determine an electrical connection problem and got it working.  Great we’re on our way at 2:30, hmm not the early start we’d planned, but what the heck, we’re on the move. Continue reading The Other Boot Drops

We’re Back!!!

I want to apologize to those of you who have been following our blog, it has been a long long time since the last post (Boy sounds like confession!), but the other boot has finally dropped.

After almost 9 months of pretty much problem free life, bad luck caught up with us. (Pat, our dear friend from Rhode Island tells me it adds interest, excitement and drama to the story! I can think of more preferable ways!) any way, after 3 weeks of repairs to the RV and me, we’re getting back to sharing our great adventure. I’m feeling well enough now to go back and share some of our “before the boot” stories too.
So, we’re back!!!  Hope you’ll come back often to follow.