Mississippi to Louisiana

Betty’s RV Park – One of a Kind

Time to head “On the Road Again”, but not without a couple of hitches. First Jerry sent me off to town to pick up baby oil. A fellow RV’er suggested coating the front of the 5th wheel with oil to help keep the bugs from sticking to the front of the RV. After seeing hundreds of these black bugs smashed on the front of my white car after driving to the Jazz Fest in New Orleans yesterday,

bugs on front of RV
Mississippi black flies

Jerry was ready to try anything that might help. The word for the day is “Proactive”. Jerry spent about 15 minutes applying a thin layer of baby oil over the entire front side of the 5th wheel ~ so we will see how that works…

On our trip from Bay St Louis to Abbeville we again communicated via walkie talkie and by cell phone a couple of times when we got too far apart. I’m so glad that we have cell phones and GPS systems in our cars. I can’t imagine how we would do this with out these devices to guide us and help us communicate.

We were in a whole new type of country. We drove for miles and miles on an elevated highway on I-10 West, suspended high above the swamps and bayous. We crossed over the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge and Port Allen. We had a bit of a hitch today when we had gotten too many miles between us for the radios to work and our Individual GPS systems chose different routes to get us through Lafayette, LA on our way to Abbeville. Fortunately, both GPS units took us to the same place, with Nancy’s GPS choosing the far better route. Around 5:30, we arrived at our new camp, Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.   Problem was, we were late for Betty’s happy hour that starts promptly at 4:30 PM everyday.

Betty's RV Banner

As we wound 20 miles south off of the main US 10 highway, I wondered what we were getting into. The park had amazingly positive reviews, but was so far off the main road. Then when I got my first sight of the park I really wondered what Jerry had gotten us into.  It appeared to be no more than a gravel parking lot with RV hookups along the edges. What had sold Jerry on this park in the reviews, was also what caught us immediately when we got out of our cars. The friendliness and hospitality of Betty, the owner, and our fellow campers.

Betty puts on the BEST happy hour EVER for RV’ers –  Check out this party on YouTube ~ Welcome to Cajun country!

As we were getting out of our cars, Betty came out to welcome us. Betty and the two couples sitting around the table on the patio teased us that we almost missed “happy hour”, but said they would extend it for us.
Betty personally helped us get backed into our site, and once we had the slides out so Cabo could go into the 5th wheel, we headed back to the patio with our beers in hand for “happy hour”.  On the patio we met Sue and Doug from Ohio, and Susan and Randy from Florida. Betty shared with all of us information about nearby restaurants and attractions. We learned that Sue and Doug were going on a swamp tour the next day, Betty gave us the information,  we called and got setup to go ourselves.

Agave plant with Cabo on the step of the RV


Unfortunately, two days will not be enough time to explore this area, but we will be coming back to this very friendly little park again, as do most other travelers.


Betty is quite a gardener too, so before heading out, we also left Betty with a couple ‘pups’ from our Roaming Agave – so when you visit this cool little park in Abbeville, Louisiana, check and see how the junior Roaming Agaves are doing!


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