“Sunni” and the Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida

The Name is Sunni, that’s the name I’ve given my Toyota Solara Convertible. I figure she has earned her own nickname since we spend hours together as we follow Jerry, Cabo and Big Red down the highways (often with the top down). I feel she has earned a nickname, so from now on, my beautiful white Toyota  Solara convertible will be referred to as “Sunni”! The melodic voice of the GPS led to the femal gender decision.

Panama City Beach

We made our way to our next stop,  Panama City Beach, FL, by way of Florida 30A and US 98, the costal highways wind through  more picturesque places. We hope one day to make it back to one to explore it more fully, a seaside village called Mexico Beach. There were RV parks, condos and resorts right in town on the beach. We also drove through a huge military base that stretched for miles, and over many long bridges and bodies of water before reaching Panama City. This was the heaviest traffic we’ve driven in since we left Palm Harbor. Sunni and I followed right along behind Jerry and Big Red. Somehow it is more nerve wracking to watch Big Red weave through traffic from behind than it is to ride in the cab with Jerry! I must say though, Jerry has been just amazing at how he took to towing the 5th wheel, especially since he had never towed anything before we left RI last Fall! Learning to tow a 33 foot 5th wheel trailer by pulling directly out on to Interstate 95 in Warwick RI the first time was trial by fire, he’s done great from the start.

There are actually two separate towns, the original city of Panama City and the the community on the beach called Panama City Beach.
We stayed in Panama City Beach at Pineglen RV Resort.

Trailer, car, and camp in Panama City Beach
Pineglen Camp, Panama City Beach

The park was actually located inland  in the pine trees and was laid out nicely with good sized pull through sites, ponds, screen rooms scattered throughout and a large screened area which enclosed the pool, shower rooms and laundry.
Cabo seemed to be  more comfortable here in the pines than he was by the water at our last camp ( he must be a mountain cat rather than a sea cat). He even treed a couple of lizards in the first hour we were set up as he explored his new home from the end of his leash.  He was very comfortable outside on his leash, even by himself, (at least until a car would drive by!)

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  1. We used to have a white Solara, great car. We are heading to Williamsburg, VA on Friday for four months.

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