Indian Pass

A Walk on the Beach

As Jerry and I walked along the miles of beach at Indian Pass, I collected shells and Jerry grabbed his #camera and did some landscape and abstract #photography. We started walking together, but soon Jerry went on ahead looking for just the right bird or wave to photograph and I became completely engrossed in examining the shells washed up on the beach by the morning’s storm.  As I was collecting the “just right” small shells from the sand, an elderly man came down from his house above the beach.  He said that he and his wife had been watching me for some time and thought I must be finding jewels of some sort. I said that I was, I was collecting the jewels of the beach, and that I was planning to make them into jewelry. We had a wonderful conversation where I learned that his wife had been a teacher and he a principal! He had been retired 29 years and had been coming to Indian Pass for the last 11 years.
Next I came across a couple from Atlanta who were walking their dogs, one a beautiful golden retriever and the other a homeless dog that they had rescued from a park near their home in Atlanta.
It is so much fun to meet and hear the stories of the people we are meeting along the way!

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