Tandem Travel

April 16

We set off from Cedar Key, Florida today, Jerry and Cabo in Big Red and Me following in the convertible talking through our walkie talkies to share the sights as we drove along. We couldn’t get our next address, a campground on Indian Pass, to show up on any of our GPS devices, so we put in something as close as we could find. The drive on US98 was beautiful, much of it through nature preserves was park- like.
The office was closed when we got to the Indian Pass Camoground, but our registration and site assignment were waiting in the office box.
Our site has a beautiful water view just steps from Apalachicola Bay with a direct view of the sunrise they tell us. Although services here are pretty basic (electricity, water and cable – no sewer) the setting makes it perfect.

Tandem travel is not ideal, and is a poor option for full-time RV’ing. The reason we are doing this, is because we are moving from New England to ???. Once we establish a ‘home base’ we will re-evaluate our vehicle situation. We will have to either move to motor coach, and a tow dolly for the car, or keep the current 5th wheel setup and store the Toyota Solara while we head out on the road. It will all come together someday, but we’ve only been at this for 9 months.

April 17 – Another Gem – Indian Pass Campground, Florida 

It is nothing fancy, just naturally beautiful! What else can you say about a place where there’s nothing to see but water, dolphins and birds from your doorway! Nothing to do but bird watch, dolphin watch, fish and walk the beach looking for shells! We wouldn’t have ended up here but for the stories of a couple we met (David and Brenda) on a pier in Cedar Key. They were right about the beauty, friendly people and peacefulness of this camp.

Sunrise on Apalachicola bay
Sunrise on Apalachicola bay

Jerry was up at sunrise to take pictures from our front door, then we walked for miles on the beach collecting shells and watching the dolphins play.

Saint Vincent Nature  Preserve Island is just across the waterway from us and we hope to get there this week. Yes, I said week, we first were going to stay a night or two, but by the time Jerry walked over to offically register, we decided on staying until Friday. We have to vacate because someone has reserved our space. Probably a good thing as we might just stay on. Talking with a nearby camper (Kevin) with Colorado license plates I learned he came for a night, in February, and is still here. It grows on you as you walk along miles of beautiful beach.


7 thoughts on “Tandem Travel

  1. Oh wow… it sounds simply perfect! Love the picture, God’s light poking through. Sounds like Kevin is on to something 🙂

  2. Since he’s living in a tent, it isn’t a problem for him, he uses the campgrounds restrooms and showers which are actually pretty nice.
    Personally I can’t imagine living in a tent that long, the RV was stretching it enough when we started! He has his camp fixed up pretty nice with a patio rug and everything.

  3. Hi, we are so happy you are enjoying Indian Pass. Now we are ready to come back & stay longer. I hope Kevin told you the story of the mosquito truck. How was the raw bar?? Have a safe trip.

  4. Nancy and Jerry now towing a 5th. wheel you are able to tow a ball hitch on the back of the rv and tow the car with a brake buddy installed .
    it has been done check with state laws …lol
    you sure are doing a great job on keeping us all posted
    thank you

  5. Hey Peter, sounds good. We’ll have to tow the old bird up to Canada, and you can fabricate a hitch for Nancy’s Toyota 🙂 – Jerry

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