Cedar Key by Bicycle

Boiled Peanuts

We couldn’t wait to try our boiled peanuts, but had no idea how to eat them, so I got on my iPad and found that you just break apart the soft shell and eat them. “Okay, we’ll give it a try”‘ which we did while they were still hot! They were interesting, I’m not sure I’d say delicious, but interesting none the less. They seemed to taste more like a bean since they are boiled rather than toasted. The Cajun ones were a little spicy but not too. We didn’t eat all of them, so I headed back to my iPad again to find out what to do with left over boiled peanuts. I found that you can keep them in th refrigerator for up to 10 days or freeze them for much longer. We topped off the day with Jerry’s Orange-Margaritas.

Oh yeah, we also found out my 7 year old semi-smartphone Palm Centro finally died. Next time we’re in a town large enough to have a Verizon store I’ll be looking for a new one.

Sunday, April 15 – Laid-back Day

Sunday, was a pretty laid back day for us, hanging out around the camp. After two RV’s beside us left we looked out to find that we now had a water view site!

Snowy Egret flying over water at sunset
Another great view steps from our front door

I walked over to see the view from the small pier and ended up talking to the couple who was fishing there. It is always interesting to visit with new people you meet. David and Brenda were from central Florida. They shared wonderful stories about places they have visited. One they told us about was Indian Pass Campground, which was actually along the way to our next stop near Panama City. Since we didn’t have reservations anywhere yet, we decided to give it a try!

Next, We decided to take my car into town for one last visit and to photograph the “Honeymoon Cottage” at sunset.

Honeymoon Cottage photographed in evening light
Honeymoon Cottage HDR in great evening light

“Honeymoon Cottage” is the most photographed building in Cedar Key. We did not get the full story on how this dilapidated building on stilts in the bay got it’s name, but it is a very interesting subject to photograph. I believe it worked really well as an HDR rendering.  On our little evening ride, we stopped and bought a pizza to eat by the water as we waited for sunset. We’ve found that having Montana license plates brings lots of inquiries. Jerry had a hard time getting his pictures taken as one after another stopped by to talk about our travels.

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