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Exploring Cedar Key

Well we’ve been here at Sunset Isle RV Resort and Motel in Cedar Key, FL for 3 days, and I have to say it is an interesting place. The town itself seems to be having a hard time surviving. Lots of empty storefronts, but they seem to be trying to revive the town. The area is beautiful with water everywhere and some beautiful homes, as well as shacks about to collapse – an interesting mixture. We found a cute little Tiki Bar

Cedar Key ~ Tiki Time

to watch the sunset. It was just down the road from our park and was built on the beach behind a remodeled little motel. A young couple is managing and fixing it up. They’ve used bright colors of paint and plants for the motel and landscaping. The tiki bar was a pole structure with stacked colored bottles used for the walls, bottle caps on the support poles and license plates from around the world covering the beams, all topped off by the most beautiful view of the sunset over the water, very unique!

While we were at the Tiki bar we met two couples, one our age and one in their late twenties – both couples had been full time RVers for the last two years and had met while camping at the Salten Sea in California.  It also ended up that the young couple managing this Low-Key RV Resort,  motel and Tiki Bar had been full time RVers for five years before they started managing the motel. Small world sometimes!
Also yesterday while out exploring the area, we found ourselves driving right down the side of the local airport!

Madison County truck makes it to Cedar Key, FL

It is one of those where people can fly in and park their plane right at their house. If any of you pilots out there are looking for a vacation place next to the runway with a fishing dock in the back yard and and airplane parked in front, we saw just the place for sale, actually the airplane out  front was for sale too!   The place on the other side of the runway had a helicopter out front. As I said, an interesting place. We may still find parts of the town we haven’t found yet. It is supposed to be an artists community and to have a couple of good museums. We’ll look for those another day.

Today we had another interesting adventure. This afternoon we went in search of the Lower Suwannee River National Refuge that a fellow RV traveler had told us about. We found the general area pretty easily, but made trips down two wrong roads before we found the right one. Not a great problem though since at the end of the first wrong road we found a long pier where we talked with some locals and watched as they tried to catch crabs and heard about the shark that two of the girls had watched this morning as it attached something in the water.

The next wrong road we took fit the description of the two track road that had been described to us. As we drove down the primitive road deep into the Florida swamp, we didn’t see the promised alligators or anymore exciting than a grouse type bird. When the road ran out, we turned around and headed back to the paved road. Finally a few miles on down, we came to a sign for the area we had been told about(we think) although it was not two tracks, it was actually well established gravel, if not smooth. A short distance on this road something caught my eye, it was a large soft-shell turtle near the side of the road. It didn’t seem very happy to have visitors so I took a picture from the window and on we went. We still didn’t see any alligators. We may have to go back for another visit and walk down some of those boardwalks we avoided today!

Suwannee River & boat
Way down upon the Suwannee River, far far away

After driving the 9 miles of the loop and seeing only a turtle, we got back to the main road and continued on. Soon we found a road that would take us to the Suwannee River. Remember that song you sang in elementary school! We couldn’t resist a chance to actually see the musical river. So off we turned and soon found another very beautiful setting and delicious food.

A mile down the road, we found a beautiful view of the Suwannee River and the Treasure Camp store and restaurant. From a great large screened porch we watched the lazy river, the sunset and ate delicious fried pickles, an Oyster Po Boy sandwich and a rib steak. Just a very peaceful setting. A sign near the boat launch warned boaters about the dangers of impact with a jumping
gulf-sturgeon fish and that boaters have been injured.

Always check your spelling before painting your sign

After our dinner and a walk out on the dock for another view of the river, we jumped back in Big Red and headed back to Cabo and our RV.
Another day of adventure and beauty.

Side note ~ From Wikipedia: “The Suwannee River (also spelled Suwanee River) is a major river of southern Georgia and northern Florida in the United States…”


Resturant ???

Oh well, the fried pickles were delicious!!

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