RV Traveling With a Pet

Setting off on an extended trip with our cat seemed a bit daunting so I started by researching RV traveling with a cat on the Internet before we set out and learned helpful hints to make it possible and pleasurable.

  • Setup the litter box in your shower or tub.  This makes taking a shower a little more difficult since you have to move it out before you shower, but keeps the mess pretty contained. It also meant a cleaner litter box and shower.
  • I have a great small vacuum called a Shark Navigator, along with working great in the small area of the RV, also works great to vacuum up any stray litter from the litter pan and shower floor before taking a shower. It is really important to remove all litter before running water in the shower or you’ll end up with a clogged drain.
  •  We have a covered litter box that rests in a plastic tray (actually the cover from a storage container) which is also placedbon a rubber mat made for use under litter boxes.
  •  I wipe dry the shower before we put the litter box back in the shower stall.
  • We hold the door to the shower slightly open with a large spring clamp so Cabo has free access. When we travel, we use the clamp to keep the door shut.

Another tip that we’ve been careful to follow is to be sure to locate Cabo before sliding out the slides when we setup. Cats just love those small spaces. Cabo rides in the truck with us, and after having to crawl under the bedroom slide to get him once after a lunch stop once, we now keep him in the cab until the slides are out.

Having been an outside cat for years, keeping Cabo inside in two rooms all of the time has been a real challenge.

  • We tried putting him in a  pet crate outside when we where outside, but he hated that and immediately tried to claw his way out.
  • Now after 8 months on the road, he goes outside on a leash to sit with us.
    Nancy sitting outside with her cat named Cabo
    Nancy and Cabo relaxing in Naples, FL

    We used a breakaway collar for a long time, however once he figured out he could release the collar by pulling we had to go with a regular collar and just keep a closer eye on him. Cats are real escape artists, so no matter what type of collar or harness you use, always keep a close eye on them, they can slip out of anything in a flash.

  • When we first started out, Jerry tried walking Cabo around the park on his leash, but Cabo always seemed to get spooked at the furthest point and make a mad dash back to the fifth wheel with Jerry in tow. Now they both seem to be content to stay close by our site.
  • We’ve seen other RVers that use a large bird cage or pet carrier that is attached or placed right outside a window so the cat can safely go out on their own. Jerry is coming up with a idea for something similar for Cabo.
  • We also found it was good to have toys to keep Cabo from being too bored. He was never one for catnip balls or other self entertainers, but we did find that a feather on the end of a stick under a towel will spark the hunter in him.

It seems most RVers have a pet of some kind traveling with them.

  • Cats are great as you can safely leave them in the RV for the day while you go exploring. The biggest drawback is working around the litter box.
  • You also don’t get that extra push to get out and walk several times a day like you do when traveling with a dog.
  • We did find that several camps and parks restrict the size and breeds of the dogs they will allow. An additional fee is usually charged for dogs and sometimes even cats. A few don’t allow any dogs, this includes Periwinkle RV Park, the only RV Park on Sanibel Island. This particular park has a bird sanctuary and evidently feel the dogs would pose a danger. It is too bad as Sanibel Island is a beautiful paradise.
  • We have found people to be very respectful of others and their pets to be well trained and controlled. Park managements strictly enforce the rules for pets.

I still plan to add a puppy to our little traveling family one of these days! I’ve learned about a designer breed called a miniature golden retriever, it has the disposition of a golden but weighs between 30 and 50 pounds, sounds perfect to me!

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  1. Donna, we always leave the air conditioning on if there’s a chance it will be a warm day. Don’t want to come back to a cooked kitty!

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