Preparing for Full Time RV Life

Once we made the decision to be at least short term full-time RVers the challenges of having no brick and mortar home came to light. We were selling our home and not planning to purchase another one for some time.
How do you pare down 37 years of accumulated belongings?
What do you do with what you do keep, but can’t take in the RV?
What kind of RV will you travel in?

What about pets, special plants?
How long can you afford to be full-time?
Where do you license your vehicles?
Where will you have your mail sent and how will you get it?
What will provide the most complete phone and Internet service?
What do you do if your drivers  license expires while you’re on the road?

Some of these challenges  we have figured out, others we are still working on. I’ll share how we addressed some and Jerry will write about others. We hope this will help other people who decide to actually try “Living the Dream”.

Tag Sale - Cat sleeping
Cabo for Sale? Not really!

When it comes to paring down belongings, it’s the time to get rid of all those things that may have had sentimental meaning, but you really haven’t used. You won’t be using those professional clothes for a while, if ever again, so only keep a couple you really feel good in (just in case). You won’t need furniture as long as your traveling so this is the time to sell that too. You pretty much pare it down to everyday clothes and things that you’ll use as you travel and those special family pictures and a few other irreplaceable special items which you will put in storage.
Tag sales, garage sales, Craigslist, friends, neighbors, donation centers and the trash-man are all helpful in liquidating your belongings. We were fortunate that the new owners of our home also wanted to purchase some of our larger furniture. And shop tools.

As for how to move what we did keep and where to store it, we decided to use a service that delivers a storage cube or pod to your home in which you pack your belongings, then lock with your own paddle lock and they come back pick up the pod and store it until you know where you want it delivered.

Moving Pod pack and move storage unit

It is then loaded on to a trailer and shipped to your new location. There are several companies that do this and offer various sizes of containers, each have their own advantages.
Unfortunately you don’t have control over the weather when your packing and of course the day  the cube came, the weather got misty and eventually it began to rain. We did the best we could to keep things dry. I have to admit I’m a little worried about what we’ll find when we have the cube delivered and open the doors again. Just adds to the adventure I guess!

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  1. I had wondered about a couple of those items, but had not thought of all of them. All those decisions to make! I guess the decision to “go RV-ing” is just the tip of the iceberg! I’m loving reading this! Can’t wait for the next installment, and more pictures!

  2. Hello, this is my first visit to this blog, i like your writing style. I’m very interested in your posts, please keep up the good work!

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