Living The Dream

Living the Dream

I had never realized how many people dream of traveling across the country in an RV.
Having spent 12 years in Rhode Island in very demanding jobs, my husband Jerry and I decided last summer that it was time for us to head back to our roots in the West. Although we were from Montana, our daughters now live in Colorado and we wanted to be closer

to them (not to mention that Jerry has had Denver Bronco season tickets for the last 6 years that we’ve only used a couple of times each year),

so that was our intent as we began our adventure. Having given notice to my superintendent in September, there was no turning back, we were moving! As long as we were making the move, I made the crazy suggestion that we should take a few months off to de-stress before we started new jobs.
That suggestion turned into the purchase of a 33 foot Cardinal fifth wheel trailer and a one ton Ford 350 pick-up truck to pull it.
Condensing the contents of a three bedroom home and 37 years of marriage and family into an 8×8 moving cube and the fifth wheel was quite a task.
Part of this involved having a giant garage sale! It was during this garage sale that I first began to realize that we would be living what so many others dream about doing. It seemed that every other person who heard our plans expressed that it was their dream.
I still wonder sometimes  whether we were the smart ones or the crazy ones, taking a chance by giving up good jobs and being out of the work force for a while to live “the dream”.
Seven months into this, I feel like we did the right thing. It has been a wonderful adventure so far, and we still haven’t gotten to Colorado!
Jerry and I will be sharing highlights, insights and photographs of our adventure both from those first seven months and those yet to come as we continue to make our way West.

2 thoughts on “Living The Dream

  1. Awesome beginning, Nancy! First time I have seen what the fifth wheel and truck look like. Seems like red extra-cab pick-up trucks are very popular these days! Just yesterday, I counted four parked in driveways on the short two-block dead-end street we live on. When you get to Texas, that’ll make five!
    Thanks for all the information on the agave and the website to find out more about succulents. I didn’t end up planting succulents this year, but I think next year that is exactly what I will do. Hey, maybe you can find a new Mexican pot somewhere around here! I’ll have to look for some places for us to shop for one!

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